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Is there an automated setup process?
No, set-up is accomplished by-hand by our administrator.
What is the setup process?
First, you subscribe using the button at the bottom of the page. Once your payment is complete, you will be contacted by our system administrator for your URL information (see below). Then, the admin will send you the login information for your new website.
What information will you need to set up the account?
Most of the information will come via the PayPal payment. We do not require an address or any other personal information. We will, however, need to know what your blog will be called. If you do not own a domain or are not purchasing a custom domain, you may have a '' subdomain. A 'subdomain' of your choosing will be assigned as your blog's URL. For example, in the URL, "gracie" is the subdomain. This uniquely identifies your blog with its own URL, without having to register a domain name. The subdomain may contain any letters or numbers, or the hyphen (-), but nothing else.
What if the subdomain of my choice is taken?
We're not a huge hosting company, so overlaps are unlikely. In the off-chance that something does conflict, we will work with you to find a good replacement.

Check If A Subdomain Is Available
Can I register my own domain name?
Yes, you may register your own domain name. For more information on how to set up your blog with a custom domain name, contact us.
Can you register a domain name for me?
The same privacy extended to your hosting can also be achieved by asking Naughtyblog to register your name for you. This will keep your personal information out of the global WHOIS database. The domain name will still be yours, Naughtyblog will transfer the name to you at your request, but as long as you want us to manage the registration, it will continue to be in the Naughtyblog company name. Domain names cost $10 per year.
How do you handle DMCA requests?
A DMCA take-down request requires us to remove the contested content in an expeditious manner, and to notify the owner of the website of the content removal. Our DMCA process, like the rest of our hosting, is a manual process and the offending content will be removed as quickly as we can, and will be limited specifically to the work in question. At a minimum, DMCA requires notification of content removal after the removal is complete; however, nothing prevents us from notifying the webmaster before content removal. The webmaster is welcome to submit Naughtyblog a DMCA counter-removal notice if the DMCA is believed to be invalid. False DMCA reports, coming from someone other than the copyright holder or their agent, or misrepresenting the sender's identity, or not meeting the legal requirement of a DMCA request, will be logged, traced, and referred to law enforcement. Copyright holders: we take copyright violations very seriously, but prejudicial false DMCA takedown requests have encouraged Naughtyblog to review DMCA takedown requests thoroughly and expeditiously before acting. This should encourage copyright holders that valid reports of copyright violations will be taken seriously.
Will you host non-blog pornography?
A run-of-the-mill porn website will require more bandwidth and hard drive space than we allow. Hosting your porn site at NaughtyBlog will not be the best fit -- there's plenty of other hosting companies out there that cater directly to porn websites and will be more than accommodating to your needs.

What are the official Terms of Service?
Check our Terms of Service page for more info.
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